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Hello =)
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Mensaje Hello =) 
Hello! =)

Unfortunately, I cannot speak Spanish so all I can do is to rely on English to express myself

I love this saga as much as you do and maybe you are legitimately wondering why I decided to join a Spanish community of pz lovers even though I do not speak Spanish.

The fact is that I am one of the people behind the Italian translation of pz4.
Ages have passed since the release of the English and Spanish patches but the Italian translation team had faced so many problems that the project was eventually abandoned. A beta version of the patch was released by a former collaborator but... yes, it was not ready yet, and this collaborator did all by themself  

Now I am trying to revive the whole stuff and I would be so grateful if somebody could have just a bit of time to spare and give me a helping hand.
The in-game texts are ready but need a lot of editing and, honestly speaking, I am finding some difficulties in converting .RSL files to .txt and vice-versa with Tempus's tool.  

More or less, this is the only problem I am trying to cope with. There is no particular need for heavy hacking intervention at the moment.

Thanks for reading me and let me know whether I must open a specific topic in the pz4 section to ask for help  

Cheers! ^^

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Mensaje Re: Hello =) 
Hi there,
It has been already more than 10 years from the release of both patches.
I can tell you that during these years many people from the Italian team, asked me for help commenting chaos on the project, management, people, etc. I forwarded the tools needed few times already, even I can see you use the Tempus's tool.
I don't have access anymore to the tools, bitmaps and notes used for the Spanish one, but you can use the final RSL files to compare the exporting and importing text, images, bitmaps results with your files.


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